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Apprenticeship Degree Network

The Center for the Apprenticeship Degree is launching the Apprenticeship Degree Network. The Apprenticeship Degree Network is a professional learning community for leaders of successful grow-your-own programs to collaborate and share best practices, learn more about accessing additional funding, and promote their successes and programs. 


The Apprenticeship Degree Network is invite-only. It is designed for employers and institutions of higher education that are operating successful grow-your-own programs and seek to continuously improve the quality of their program, access additional funding, and contribute to a bank of resources for other organizations that want to get started. Members should be leaders of the grow-your-own program within their organization.


Members of the Apprenticeship Degree Network will: 

  • Share their program’s model with peers and other relevant sector leaders, including the creation of a case study about their program to be shared nationally.

  • Engage in problem-solving with Network peers who are also operating grow-your-own programs.

  • Connect with sector leaders – such as the US Department of Labor, leading private foundations, accreditors, journalists, and experts in accessing WIOA funding– with the purpose of developing expertise as well as shaping the narrative and future direction of apprenticeship degrees.


The Apprenticeship Degree Network will convene once per month beginning in April. Members are asked to attend all sessions.


The inaugural cohort of the Apprenticeship Degree Network is fully subsidized so there is no cost to members.


By March 8 - Invitations sent
March 20 - Replies due
Sessions will be held the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 10am PT / 1pm ET for 1 hour.

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