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Register with Your Local Workforce Board

Executive Summary

Apprenticeship funding, which reduces the cost of your apprenticeship teaching degree, requires you to find your local workforce board, review and complete their requirements, select your training provider, and maintain your status as an apprentice.

How to Find Your Local Workforce Board

You can find your local workforce board by entering your ZIP code into this search tool from

Review their Requirements and Complete Them

Specific requirements will vary from board to board, but they are likely to ask you to at least provide the following information:

  • What you want to study

  • Your employer and their contact information

  • Valid photo identification

  • Your contact information

  • (Possibly required) Pay stubs for the last 3 months to demonstrate that you are working

Your Individual Training Account

You will get an individual training account, which is essentially a voucher that you can use with your training provider, such as Reach University, to cover a portion of the cost of your coursework.

Select Your Training Provider

The local workforce board will provide a list of eligible training providers. These are organizations that are approved to provide training and may include institutions of higher education, such as Reach University. You should select the institution that has admitted you.

Maintaining Your Status as an Apprentice

From time to time, your local workforce board will reach out to you to verify your continued enrollment and employment, and when they do, you will need to respond.

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