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Overview and Key Terms

Executive Summary

This playbook outlines the apprenticeship experience and covers the concepts listed below. The audience for this playbook is teaching apprentices. This page provides an overview of the apprenticeship experience, key terms, and timelines.

  • Register with Your Local Workforce Board

  • Getting Set Up on the Craft Tracker


The apprenticeship teaching experience includes several components: coursework, tutorials/tutorial-based seminars, and paid apprenticeship. Each of these experiences supports and enriches the others. Together, they enable students to develop the skills and competencies that will make them effective teachers.

Key Terms

  • Craft Tracker: Aspiring teachers are required to complete a certain number of hours teaching in the classroom and completing portfolio projects to access apprenticeship funding and meet credential or degree requirements. Future employers may also ask for work samples. The Craft Tracker enables aspiring teachers to track and collect those items for all those purposes at one time.

  • Local workforce board: A local workforce board is a governmentally appointed group and/or agency that plans and provides oversight to workforce programs and services in their area.

  • Individual training account (ITA): This is a voucher that you can use with your training provider, such as Reach University, to cover a portion of the cost of your coursework. You can access these funds through your local workforce board, and only so long as you are an apprentice. Note that not all states will use an ITA, so it will be important to learn about and understand the process in your state.


The steps you will need to take are outlined as follows:

  • Before the school year begins:

    • Ask your school leader who the EPP (educator preparation provider, such as Reach University) will be for your teaching apprenticeship degree program. Then, apply to and be accepted into that program.

    • Find your local workforce board

    • Review your local workforce board’s requirements and complete them

    • Inform your local workforce board of your selected training provider

    • Log into the Craft tracker for the first time

  • Ongoing:

    • Regularly log activities in the Craft tracker as aligned with the syllabus for each of your classes

    • Maintain your status as an apprentice with your local workforce board by responding to their outreach

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